New Year’s Resolutions have been and gone.

The to-do lists have been added to, changed and redone.

Everyone has been off ill with viruses and illnesses.

We are delighted to introduce our new Activity Assistant Viv and Education Admin Fiona – welcome to the team!

And this is the first post of 2023 that we have managed to do!

OnTrak has been so busy completing it’s third Early Intervention programme with West Yorkshire Police, we were delighted to receive more funding on 9th February from the Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund to run more of these successful programmes, our education setting is more in demand than ever supporting our young people from throughout the UK, we have a Bike Giveaway on the 14th February in Leeds, we have given away 250+ bikes for free already in 2023 and there are more organisations on our waiting list for furniture and other support. We still require an appropriate building for our garage, education centre and our community works and are actively seeking one.

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